New Arts Block Permitted

Full planning consent has been secured for the erection of a new multi million pound arts block at the Lower High Street campus in Stourbridge after it was unaminously approved by Dudley Planning Committee.

The proposed development will comprise the erection of a two storey 1,610 sq m building, which will include state of the art accommodation for IT, Graphics, Dance and Drama as well as  a new kitchen and dining room / common room.  The building is purpose built and has been designed to have a relatively high ceiling height of 4.7m which allows for lighting rigs and other associated equipment to be installed without comprise.

The building will be located between the buildings fronting Coventry Street and the ‘Lycett Building’ on the main campus and would provide an active and positive frontage onto Duke Street.

Keir Price of Brooke Smith Planning said:

This is a fantastic development that will have a positive impact upon the surrounding locality. Furthermore, it is contended that the development will provide enhanced facilities will ensure that King Edward VI College will continue to be one of the top Sixth Form Colleges in the West Midlands.”

The College are planning to start development on the new arts block later in 2013 with the intention of it being open in anticipation of the 2014/15 academic year.