Government Announce Faster Planning Appeals Process

In a Statement on the 3rd September, the Government, via Nick Boles (Planning Minister) announced that secondary legislation has been laid in Parliament which will front-load the appeal process.

The key to these changes is the requirement for appellants to submit their full Statement of Case and a draft Statement of Common Ground when they appeal. Local Planning Authorities will then need to notify the relevant parties within 1 week, and submit their own Statement within 5 weeks. The Planning Inspectorate will also be setting earlier dates for Hearings and Inquiries.

In addition, the legislation will establish a quicker Written Representations procedure for certain minor commercial appeals, following on from the success of the Householder Appeals Service.

The new secondary legislation will come into force on 1st October 2013 with the changes applying to applications which were decided on or after 1st October 2013, or which should have received a decision by that date.

The Commercial Appeals Service will apply to appeals relating to planning applications made on or after 1st October 2013.

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