Barrows Lane – Public Consultation (Now Closed)


Re-submission of Planning Application 2014/08666/PA for the Former Co-op Sports and Social Club site at Barrows Lane.

As you may be aware, a planning application was submitted towards the end of 2014 for the development of new and replacement sports facilities and the erection of enabling residential development. Whilst being considered by Birmingham City Council, the application underwent its statutory public consultation over a period of 21 days.

In light of the comments raised during the consultation process, the application has been withdrawn so that concerns can be addressed and a resubmission made.

The ProposalsSport Facility Site Plan

As with the original submission, the application will be for new and improved sports facilities, comprising an indoor multi pitch sports hall and an outdoor Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA). These will be in addition to the retention of bowling green and the cricket field. The new sports hall will also provide changing rooms and an educational learning centre. These new facilities will introduce 14 new sports / activities to the site.

Multiple attempts have been made to try and secure funding to pay for these new sports facilities but unfortunately been met with no success. As such, the only way to fund these improvements is through capital raised from the sale of residential dwellings. This element of the application is only seeking outline planning consent. It is for this reason that the exact number and detail of the proposed residential development has not been provided. Such detail would require further planning consent by a developer and would be subject to further consultation, therefore giving local residents opportunity later on to comment on the residential element.


Whilst the comments raised during the statutory consultation period are being taken into consideration for the resubmission, we would appreciate it if you could complete the below questionnaire so that we can take any additional comments into account as we prepare for a resubmission:

Link to Questionnaire (Consultation Closed – Link Removed)