Housing and Planning Bill Moves to the House of Lords


The Housing and Planning Bill will now be considered by the House of Lords having passed its third reading following a lengthy session in the House of Commons yesterday.

The Bill, which makes provision about planning, housing, compulsory purchase, rent charges and estate agents will have wide ranging impacts on planning, affordable housing and localism.

Communities secretary Greg Clark said the legislation had been “the subject of intensive scrutiny and debate”, and that “the government have listened and, as we should, we have acted on what we have heard. Significant and strengthening changes have been made as a direct result.”

However many ministers and local government leaders have grave concerns about a number of aspects of the Bill, particularly regarding the loss of genuinely affordable homes and powers for ministers to impose planning decisions on local communities, against the ethos of localism.

Shadow housing and planning minister John Healey warned that “this was a bad bill” and is “now a very bad bill.


Progress of a Bill

The bill passed its third reading by 309 votes to 216 and will now move to the House of Lords, before consideration of amendments and ultimately Royal Assent.