Land at Hampton-in-Arden, Solihull (Revised Proposal) – NOW CLOSED


Thank you for taking the time to review the proposals for Hampton-in-Arden. We invite you to share and help shape the proposals.



The Solihull Local Plan (December 2013) identifies the need to provide more homes in the Borough, this includes an allocation in Hampton-in-Arden, known as Site 24  (Board 1). This allocation is also confirmed in the Hampton-in-Arden Neighbourhood Plan (May 2017) under Key Action HOU1.


The 2.29 hectare site, to the west of the village (off the Meriden Road / Lapwing Drive) is formally identified as a suitable site to accommodate 110 residential properties. With Public Open Space to be included on either the adjacent Arden Wood Shavings site or, if unavailable, via an alternative solution, such as adjacent land.




Arcadis (Planning Consultants), together with Bryant Priest Newman Architects and other specialist consultants are preparing a planning application on behalf of the landowner of Site 24 – as shown in red on the attached Consultation Boards.

The proposals, which are in outline form, are to provide for the required residential development, together with associated infrastructure and public open space on adjacent land.

The outline planning application will seek approval of the overall approach to development, with details such as roads, house types and locations subject to a later separate submission and consideration.

Notwithstanding this, a plan has been developed taking into account the opportunities and constraints of the site (Board 2). This indicates a possible layout of the site, to help inform the sites future development (Board 3).




In addition, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, have noted that adjacent land, including the Arden Wood Shavings site, may be appropriate for additional housing – as shown in blue on the attached Consultation Boards. This is known as Site 6.

Whilst the proposal for Site 6 is still in draft consultation form, the proposals for Site 24 take into account the possible wider sites development for housing, with the possible form of development on Site 6 also shown (Board 3).




Whilst acknowledging that the principle of the development of the site for residential purposes is accepted in both the Local Plan and Neighbourhood Plan, the aim of the public consultation exercise is to help evolve the potential form of the outline proposals for Site 24 only. We are not consulting on the proposals for Site 6.

We are therefore asking people who live and work in the area to assist with its the formation (Board 4). Your thoughts and suggestions on the development of Site 24 are therefore important to us.

Accordingly please find attached below consultation boards below:




You can make your views known on the development form of Site 6 (as shown in red) by printing and completing the below consultation feedback form:

Please return the form to:

 Hampton-in-Arden Consultation, c/o Charlotte Thomas,                                                 Arcadis, Cornerblock, 2 Cornwall Street, Birmingham B3 2DX

or via email to:

An editable version of the PDF can be requested via emailing the above Town Planning email address.

Responses would be gratefully received by 16th August 2019.

However, any responses received following that date, up to the time of the application’s submission, will be carefully considered as part of the application preparation process.

NOTE: We are NOT consulting on the principle of residential development or the proposals for the adjacent land – Site 6 (as shown in blue).




Following this consultation exercise, the final form and content of an outline planning application will be produced.

Ultimately an outline planning application will be submitted for consideration, at which point, the Council, as Local Planning Authority, will undertake further consultation with statutory, non-statutory parties and local residents.